Layered Art by T.V. Smith

Custom Commissions

• Put ‘custom’ in the subject line
• Attach photos of your car
• By emailing you agree to the terms below
Pricing (USD, shipping included)
• $14,000 Domestic
• $20,000 International
• 1/2 deposit to be placed on list (3-6 months to delivery)
• Final payment before shipping
My custom work immortalizes your prized car as a large, wall-hanging sculpture made of 10+ spaced, single-color layers of intricately designed, laser-cut aluminum.
The finished piece is shipped in a custom crate and includes guides to make wall installation as easy as possible.

• Recommended to hang on a wall where ‘side visibility’ of sculpture is accessible
• Additionally there should be at least 12-15 ft. of space in front of the sculpture for the ‘flattening illusion’ to work best.  Here is an example (notice space to view sides and sufficient space in front):

• Refund of deposit minus payment processor fee is absolutely fine up until start date
• If for some reason you choose not to pay the second half, once I’ve started work or the piece has been completed, I cannot return your deposit
• If for some reason I choose to not make the sculpture, I will return your deposit in full
• We will be in communication throughout the process, either through email, direct messaging, or phone
• We will decide on a photo together, one that I think will work best.  In general the photo should be high quality – if a photographer took the shot please have permission from them for me to adapt their photo.  High quality smartphone photos, if well composed, are fine!  Not all cars will lend themselves to my process and I will only take on a commission that I am confident will succeed.  I have full creative control once we decide on a photo.
• The photo of your car and the finished sculpture may end up on my social media accounts
Thanks for your attention and interest,