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Interested in a custom piece?  Read the following info, send me an email with your photo(s), and I’ll reach out with a deposit invoice if I I’m interested in working with you – which will be mostly based on whether or not I think your photo will work really well with my process!

The Art:

My process is not a drag-and-drop filter!  It is a very involved redrawing of your photo, reducing its thousands of colors to around 11 – 15.  Each of these colors then becomes its own layer with abstract curves and intricacies you can only see up close, peering ‘inside’ the final piece from many angles.  There are no nuts used.  Bolts come in from front and back, the front ones painted to match the color it lands on.  Threaded standoffs keep everything together tightly.  Rubber bumpers are on the back to protect your wall.  I also must design the piece so that it is not too troublesome to hang and have come up with some great solutions to that issue, including a separate guide piece to show you exactly where your two nails need to be and a sturdy strap to dangle the piece from while guiding it onto those nails.  Two people recommended for confident hanging.

Pieces are roughly 48” wide, 30” tall, and 4” deep.  They are big and this is the size I’d like to stick with at this time.

‘Lottery’ and Price/Deposit:

I will be contacting those whose photos I think will be BEST SUITED for my layered process this year.  ‘First-come, first-serve’ unfortunately won’t be possible at this time.  The image doesn’t necessarily need to be a car but at this point I’m most comfortable with cars.  I suggest submitting a full resolution image which contains the entire subject (part of the car isn’t cropped out).

I will select submissions and reach out with a proposed timeframe for completion of the work.  Sculptures can take as long as 2 months currently (1 man operation with a full time job on the side).  I’ll be finding ways to streamline the process and will keep you updated!

Total cost is 6,000 USD.  (Price was raised from 4,500 on 2-18-23 due to cost of materials, shipping, and a new plan for painting layers for perfect finish.  If you emailed me before then 4,500 for U.S. shipping remains the cost.)

If contacted and you’d like to secure your space I will follow up with a deposit invoice for $3000.  The deposits will sit in my account and won’t be spent!  Obviously, commissioning art is an exercise in trust, which makes the final result that much better!  The deposit is to secure your space, smoothly move into to buying the laser-cutting/painting time and necessary materials for your piece, as well as for my own peace of mind in knowing there is work to be done.  I will process a refund minus any fees (~$80) from the payment processor (Stripe or PayPal) up until our start date if you change your mind.  The second payment ($3000) is due on completion of the sculpture after which I will ship the piece to you.  Shipping included in total price for lower 48 U.S. people.  If feasible I will see if in-person delivery is something you’d be interested in.  I live in San Francisco.

If you end up sending a deposit and for whatever reason I decide I am unable to start your artwork (very unlikely), I will refund your deposit in FULL.

When it’s your turn we will discuss the photo(s) you submitted and your hopes for the final piece – it might be necessary to take new photos.  When you give the official ‘okay,’ I will begin!  Communication throughout is the plan.  If, somehow, you are not happy with the final work (which I don’t think is possible!), I will keep the piece and cannot return your deposit, and you obviously won’t pay the second payment.

I look forward to working with you and hope you understand the slow, steady, and personal approach I am aiming for at this time, as well as how the upfront deposits allow me some peace of mind as an independent creator.

Thanks again for your interest!  If it doesn’t work out this time, please stay tuned on social media for all developments and future opportunities!

*** If you email me, following the instructions below, it means you have read everything above and you agree with/to it!  THANKS!!!


Compose an email to [email protected], attach some photos, and please put ‘Custom’ somewhere in the subject line…

Finally, in the email body, please write your name, your location, and links to your social media (if you want).

I’m looking forward to working with you!


T.V. (Tim)